A quick guide to luxury self catering in St Ives

Conor Fletcher

People come to St Ives to get a break, relax and enjoy themselves, and it may sound somewhat grandiose, but here at the Sail Lofts we feel we’ve really got quite a handle on luxury self catering in St Ives. Hyperbole aside, those coming to stay with us generally don’t want to leave St Ives when it comes to departure day, even if it’s pouring it down (yes, sometimes it rains here!). This is no doubt in part to St Ives’ picturesque sights and atmosphere, it’s no surprise nor secret that this rather small Cornish town is inundated with some of the best beach spots on the coast and what’s more enticing that stepping outside of your luxury apartment on a warm, sunny morning and taking a few steps to the sand’s edge?

We as a team at the Sail Lofts are here to help you, each one of us have very specific yet varied areas of knowledge about Cornwall whether it’s art, literature, local attractions, venues, restaurants or even the historical landscape, we’re more than happy for you to pop by and pick our brains with regards to anything that might help you find out something extraordinary about Cornwall. Whether you need a restaurant booked, a babysitter to help watch the kids while you go out and about to explore the coast or go out for a quiet evening, one of us are always there to ensure your self catering holiday in St Ives lives up to every expectation you had before coming to see us.

Have a holiday to remember

Why not make your stay here that little bit more special and take advantage of the newly introduced Sail Lofts Wine Cellar where you can purchase some of the finest wines on offer whilst you’re here in your luxury self catering apartment in St Ives. Try wines carefully chosen for their varied tastes and mix it with a wonderful meal cooked with fresh, local produce. To supplement your evening why not get some fresh fish delivered in at trade prices, straight from the sea into your apartment.

Take a break from traversing St Ives and indulge yourself to some spa treatments at the Sail Lofts Ocean Studio. It’s perfect to chill out after days of exploration, and on that one quiet afternoon spend some time to reinvigorate yourself with a therapeutic massage to take away any of those niggling aches and pains. Leaving you revitalised and ready to start all over again.

If you happen to be staying in your St Ives self catering apartment whilst celebrating a special day then why not surprise someone with something special. In addition to the Sail Lofts Wine Cellar we have a variety of wonderful little gifts for you to share with loved ones, all you would need to do is let one of the office team know and we would take care of the rest for you.

So if you’re looking to spend a well earned break in one of our luxury self catering apartments in St Ives then simply take a look online or get in touch with the office on 01736 799175 and one of the team will be at hand to ensure you get the perfect break you deserve.