A guide to dining in St Ives: Vegetarian

Katy Peck

Should you be looking to come and stay in St Ives at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments, but are wondering what culinary delights might be in store for the vegetarian traveller, do not despair, as you are in for a treat…

Having grown up on a farm in deepest darkest north Cornwall, our neighbours were cows and friends sheep, which might somehow have contributed to my feelings towards not eating anything with a face, not even the smiley face McCain type (but that is for entirely separate reasons).

As a teenager this was usually met with bemusement by fellow Mum’s and friends parents, along with the question ‘what if its just really thinly sliced, you won’t even notice it?’ then later finding that Cornwall in the late 2000s was still lagging far behind in its quest to provide food for all. The closest you could usually get was a clammy cheese sandwich, or if you were lucky an egg and cress. I do not like eggs, especially not the sandwich variety.

Rocket forward to today and things cannot be more different, an understanding of the fact some people just do not eat meat has finally sunk its way in to a Cornish understanding, and has been embraced. On any day I can stroll to the Harbour and be confident in being met with an array of culinary delight.

The Allotment Deli

With a gorgeous section of locally sourced produce, this wholesome superstore has something to tickle your taste buds, and satisfy any rumbling tummy. No two days are the same, and I have had everything from authentic takeaway lunchtime curry, to freshly produced vegetarian sushi (be sure to get in early for sushi as it usually gets snapped up quickly).

Porthminster Kitchen

Porthminster Kitchen offers a fine dining experience, with stunning views out and across the Harbour and has an array of highly considered, and conscientiously combined, exciting vegetarian delights, from Padron Peppers, Jerusalem Artichokes, with walnuts two ways, and naked-fried cauliflower. Check out Peter’s blog on Porthminster Kitchen to find out a little more on his views on the perfect vegetarian breakfast.

Tex Mex

The Tex Mex has meals to die for, and never fails to excite with its broad menu of authentic Mexican cuisine, in what can only be described as one of the most friendly atmospheres you will come to find in St Ives, that leaves you feeling embraced in the warmth of the lovely young family that run the business, along with their passion for excellent service, produce, and food.

Digey Food Room

The Digey Food Room is also right up there, Abi and I can usually be found in there on any given day picking up lunch, we have a slight addiction to their brown rice salad pots, that comes with hummus and beetroot salad, which we always request to be topped off with leaves and balsamic vinegar. Exceedingly moreish and comes in a choice of three different sized pots. Perfect should you be thinking of heading out on a walk, or for a low-key picnic on the beach.

Should you be a foodie aficionado, get in touch and let us know your thoughts on the best places for vegetarian dining in St Ives, or should you be staying with us at the Sail Lofts luxury apartments, pop by our onsite office and share your top picks on places to dine in St Ives. 

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