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Kelly Weaver

With the arrival of spring, our courtyard garden is undergoing a rejuvenation, becoming an even more tranquil retreat. Already a sanctuary of peace where birds find solace by the water fountain and visitors seek respite from bustling crowds, we aimed to elevate the space to foster greater serenity and relaxation.

Teaming up with Mike Nelhams, garden curator at Tresco Abbey Gardens, and Matthew Tolhurst, our goal was to create a welcoming environment with an added touch of awe-inspiring charm.

Given our locale, crafting such a space posed its challenges, especially with Cornwall's unpredictable winter weather. Yet, with Mike's seasoned expertise from the Isles of Scilly, he proved to be the ideal candidate for the task.

Following several site visits and initial discussions, plans took shape, and work promptly commenced. After preparing the ground for new additions, planting commenced, blending indigenous succulents with exotic varieties like agaves, aloes, and Canarina canariensis to create a serene oasis for our guests to enjoy.

In the weeks and months ahead, we eagerly anticipate watching the garden flourish, and look forward to further enhancements from Mike and Matthew as the temperatures begin to rise.

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A bit about Mike Nelhams…

Mike's enchantment with Tresco began in 1976 during a visit to the island on a garden scholarship. His connection deepened when he returned in 1983 as head gardener, eventually assuming the role of garden curator before retiring from full-time duties. Although he has relocated to the mainland, Mike remains committed to his position as garden curator, frequently journeying back to Tresco to pursue his botanical endeavours.

Internationally acclaimed, Mike serves as an RHS judge on the Tender Plants Committee, holds Fellowship with the Institute of Horticulture, and is a sought-after lecturer worldwide.

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