St Ives Literature Festival

Conor Fletcher

St Ives literature Festival St Ives Cornwall

Opening for its 10th year the St Ives Literature Festival is back starting the 11th of May until the 17th. The festival, known for the celebration of the creative arts is kicking off on the Saturday at 12:30pm with Poetry and Music in Norway Square, if the weather isn't the most amicable then the event will be held in a different location however it's the perfect opportunity (should you be brave enough) to perform for yourself. Poetry and Music in Norway Square takes place throughout the week long event so if you're able to stop by and enjoy then it's without doubt a worthwhile visit.

St Ives Literature Festival

With art at the forefront of St Ives lore it would be almost unforgivable for literature to not pay homage to the art world, with Poetry Inspired By Painters & Paintings on the 14th of May in the Arts Club you can enjoy performances by Neil Beardmore and Bob Devereux.

Also on the 14th is Dylan Thomas Day, celebrating the life of the Welsh poet on the anniversary of Under the Milk Wood. Enjoy poetry and song from the author through the middle of the day and enjoy the celebration of Thomas who lived in nearby Penzance in the late 1930's.

If you're in St Ives for the literature festival and want to take part there's so much on offer to enjoy, if not why not take a look at our last minute availability and find out how you can be here enjoying the best of Cornwall's coastline immersed in artistic heritage.

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