St Ives luxury apartments & ice cream

Conor Fletcher

As this UK heat wave continues to encompass all of St Ives for better or for worse it becomes most apparent that for all of us, let alone those staying with us in the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives need something to replenish ourselves and offer respite from this most exotic climate. Here’s the sticking point, in Cornwall we seem to take an odd sense of pride over what is undoubtedly our most famous iced delicacy. To some this is distinctly down to their geological location. North coast or south opinions can differ so whilst you’re staying with us in our luxury self catering apartments why not make sure you can get the best tastes of the South West.

Here's some of our top selections of the best places for an ice cream if you're staying with us in the Sail Lofts - St Ives luxury apartments. So if you're not out surfing whilst the weathers warm or walking around St Ives harbour you can always find the time to sit back on one of the many bay beaches and enjoy a cool, refreshing ice cream. Of course this list doesn't do justice to all of what Cornwall offers, as a county we have to many different companies producing one of our better known exports, but what has been compiled is simply a little insight into what makes Cornish ice cream that little bit nicer than anywhere else.


A favorite of many people both far and wide, this little shop in the center of Newlyn attracts customers who are more than happy to queue well into the street in order to get a tub or a cone of this famous ice cream. There’s no need for any choice, you go in to Jelberts for one thing, their own vanilla ice cream, no fancy flavours or wild ideas this is a family recipe that has been crafted through the years until it has reached perfection. Curated by the family of Olympic gold medalist Helen Glover the unique little shop is well worth a visit for the rich and creamy taste of its ice cream it's only a short drive from our St Ives luxury apartments so if you're looking to get an authentic taste of Cornwall's best - go no further.

Moomaid of Zennor

Perhaps a more local favorite within walking distance from the Sail Loft luxury apartments is Moomaid of Zennor. Sourced only a few miles away from milk of the cows in Zennor, this ice cream has both provenance and taste on its side. With a wonderful selection of flavours from piña colada to there famous ‘shipwreck’ there’s not a thing on the menu you shouldn’t give a go.

Callestick Farm

To the north of St Ives, near Truro you have Callestick Farm, a family owned enterprise that encapsulates all that makes Cornish ice cream the best. Family owned, the farm has been in operation since the 1970’s and has made its way to the forefront of the ice cream industry. You’ll find Callestick Farm’s ice creams all over Cornwall in shops and cafes and there is never a reason to not enjoy a tub on a sunny day in one of our St Ives luxury apartments.

Roskilly’s Ice Cream

Over toward the Lizard peninsula is the Roskilly’s farm, quite a journey from the Sail Lofts luxury apartments in St Ives but well worth a visit for a tour of the farm or just get an opportunity taste of another of Cornwall’s wonderful export. While Roskilly’s may be better known than some of the other providers it is certainly worth a try, and let’s be honest can one ever have too much ice cream?

There's so much more though! So if you've had enough ice cream and are in need of some wonderful food out why not try some of St Ives' fantastic restaurants? We've picked out just a few of some of St Ives' highlights for you to give a try whilst you're here. So if you’re staying with us in the Sail Lofts - St Ives luxury apartments this summer or still want to come down and enjoy a delicious ice cream, why not take a look online or give us a call in the office on 01736 799175.