Nadelik Lowen | Happy Christmas

Katy Peck

In recent years there has been a resurgence in the County to resurrect the Cornish language, and I am embarrassed to say the only piece of Cornish that I have learnt in the past 25 years of growing up in this beautiful part of Cornwall is Nadelik Lowen. Lowen meaning Happy, and Nadelik roughly translating to Christmas...

Cornwall as a county is steeped in rich history, traditions and culture. Many of which can be taken for granted on a daily basis. However you only have to drive down the main routes in to St Ives and you will pass a landscape littered with relics of the past and including Cornwall’s mining heritage with engine houses standing proud on wind torn hill tops, and craggy coves where smugglers and pirates brought ashore their days bounty.

For those looking for an experience Cornwall is an all-embracing destination and a final frontier of great contrasts. From rugged cliff tops to baron moorlands, wide spanning golden sandy beaches to picturesque harbours, all within easy driving distance to provide a one stop shop of culture and sight seeing during your self catering holiday.

At low tide walking out of the Sail Lofts luxury accommodation in St Ives across the road and on to the slipway down to Porthmeor beach a slice of such history appears. To those with a discerning eye you will notice the remains of the boiler from SS Alba, a ship that went to ground off the Three Brothers Rocks in 1938 after seeking shelter from the rough seas. Some will be mistaken that the rust stained masses are nothing more than Island’s outcrop of rocks. The SS Alba's remains leave a ghostly reminder of the tragic events that unfurled on that fateful stormy St Ives winters eve.

As a county surrounded by the sea it is impossible to escape the dramatic and sometimes unpredictable weather that visits this part of the coastline. Which gives a small insight in to what life might have been like in years gone by. Something to consider during your next stay at the Sail Lofts luxury accommodation in St Ives, surrounded by all the best creature comforts watching the wild storms blow over from your five star retreat…

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Katy x