Arriving into Cornwall in style…

Katy Peck

As most frequent visitors to Cornwall will know or have experienced; that during the Summer months the A30 can slow to crawling pace on exiting the moors at Temple. It was all going so well, and there you are at the Jamaica Inn wondering where on earth did all this traffic come from...

With the planned expansion of the dual carriageway not set to open fully until Summer 2017, we still have a year left to deal with the tailbacks that the one lane causes as you draw closer towards Bodmin.

We advise that if you are unable to set off on your travels early, to avoid this route altogether and take a much more leisurely start to your holiday, by using the scenic routes along either the North or South coasts.

Alternative routes into Cornwall

Option 1: South Coast A38

Running parallel to the A30, the A38 offers an alternative gateway to Cornwall, taking you via Plymouth and Liskeard, where you can either join back on the A30 or follow down into St Austell and via the Eden Project. Offering a fantastic pit stop on your long journey West, where legs can be stretched and time spent enjoying the County’s most popular attraction.

From St Austell, St Ives is only an hour further on your way, leaving those tail backs around Bodmin a distant memory.

Option 2: North Coast A39

Leaving the A30 at Launceston and heading North to Camelford, you will experience Cornwall’s highest point first hand, Roughtor. Skirting around the Tor you will find opportunities to break away from the A39 to discover twos gems in the Cornish crown, Tintagel and Boscastle, offering a stunning quintessential fishing harbour, in a historic valley and mythological Castle, once said to have been home to King Arthur.

Between Camelford and Wadebridge is the stunning Allen Valley, which at certain times of the year, springs into bloom with a carpet of wild bluebells growing within the valley’s floor.

Beyond Wadebridge we recommend a pit stop in Padstow, to enjoy the Camel Valley, and Camel Estuary, with its very own mild micro-climate, picturesque fishing village, boutique shops and five-star restaurants.

From Padstow, St Ives is only a short hop along the coast.

Leave waiting in the car for another time, and enjoy the open roads of Cornwall’s North and South Coasts.

To find out more about places to stop off at along your journey, why not make use of our concierge services, as the Sail Lofts team are always on hand to help in planning your self-catering holiday in St Ives.