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Featured Summer Property – Sail Lofts Cottage

Conor Fletcher

It’s no secret that St Ives has a plethora of quaint little cottages that amalgamate to form the seaside feel of St Ives, each cottage is undoubtedly unique by design, cottages themselves have their own individual feel and small little quirks that make them stand out in your mind. While there is unquestionably many to choose from in St Ives the Sail Lofts Cottage offers more, it gives you the time and space you need in your own private hideaway tucked in the heart of the town with all the added luxury of being a Sail Lofts guest.

While the cottage has its own individuality (surely part and parcel with it being a cottage) it still has the added luxury of being a part of the Sail Lofts with all the additional trimmings you would expect. What makes staying in the cottage more unique however is the distance it gives you. Being separate from our other apartments the Sail Lofts cottage gives can become your little home in St Ives, just a short walk to the harbour front gives you access to everything the town has to offer without worrying about getting back anytime soon because the town is right on your doorstep with its winding, narrow alleys aside the wide open ocean St Ives literally is at hand for you to explore at your leisure.

The cottage itself is a traditional fisherman’s cottage; in the granite walls you can appreciate the historicity of the location, and for a moment understand what Cornish life is like in its purest essence. While the location is laden with history it still has every modern charm you would expect when staying with us, with Apple TV and a wireless Bose sound system the cottage has all the little things you would expect. The three-bedroom property can sleep four within the two double bedrooms and single room, it is perfect for a family or a small group of friends to escape to St Ives knowing that your entire stay is encapsulated in one central hub.

But of course being a Sail Lofts guest you have complete access to our concierge service, with our guest hosts at hand to ensure your luxury stay meets all expectations and everything you will ever need is taken care of.

So while there may by many varied choices for a cottage in St Ives there are little that offer the added luxury that comes alongside the Sail Lofts, with its quaint and homely charm the Sail Lofts cottage can be a foothold for you to go out and explore St Ives and Cornwall from your own hideaway in the county.

If you’re interested in staying at the Sail Lofts Cottage this summer you can get in touch with one of the team in the office on 01736 799175 or have a look at availability on the website.